French Rosé Wine and a Calanque near Bandol.

Nothing better than a glass of cold rosé sitting at a small restaurant, watching the Mediterranee. If you go to Calanque de Port d’Alon ,by the road from Bandol or by a walk along the rocky coast, you will enjoy the same fate. One of the best rewarding walk and very romantic too, that we enjoyed with my husband on the Mediterranean coast. The next best thing to being there is Google Earth, have fun with it click on view larger map and zoom in… explore the area and click on the little guy to place him exactly where you want to go , magic.

Coastal walk to Port d'Alon

Coastal walk to Port d’Alon

A true rosé is dry with fresh fruit flavors and sometimes citrus, in Provence it is a blend of Syrah and Grenache and also Mourvedre, Cinsault, Carignan… The wonderful pink color comes from the skin of red grapes left in contact with macerating juices long enough to give it a color more or less intense.

To know more about the art of making rosé, listen to Alan Wilson, owner of Saint Estève de Néri at the foot of the Luberon. (Due to a strong Mistral that day and a poor quality microphone, the sound outside is not good:)

More fun with the soundtrack “Mediterranée” by Tino Rossi -very famous 50’s crooner from Corsica images from the movie “Marius” by Marcel Pagnol a very dear son of Provence, born in Aubagne and lived his life writing and filming about his region.

Very soon a page with recommended books and movies about Provence…

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