About Lily

Et voila…  a little about my story.

French born and raised in Paris   Private Provence tours with Lily  -click on photos to see videos-

I couldn’t wait to escape from the big city so I went to live in the south of the Alps training to become a guide and ski instructor.

My life did a flip flop after a car accident which sent me on a totally different path with a lot of questions about the body and emotions… at the time the mind was not my main preoccupation.

It came later when I found myself at the feet of a guru in an ashram in Poona  India and then in the USA when said guru went to live there… Quite a few adventures later and a lot of travel in between I am back in Aix en Provence opening a futon store, the first one outside of Paris.

provence tours with lily

Aix en Provence

Ad a few more years and I move to the back country on the plateau de Valensole where fields of lavender will become essential oil and I am working with a beekeeper. I do so much remember the smell of honey mixed with lavender when they are burning the stalks…truly divine scents. 

Provence Tours with Lily

Talking about smell I should have mentioned that I have been raised in a perfume shop in the Latin Quarter in Paris which belonged to my mother and grandmother and also in the barracks for the horse mounted Republican Guard where my father and grandfather served in the french army.

provence tours with lily

My parents wedding in Paris
Eglise Saint Sulpice 1953

So… perfume and horse dung in Paris, lavender and honey in Valensole, thyme and lilac in Aix and a lot more. Memory and smell go hand in hand.

By then you must have guessed that I like change and on I went to be a social worker in Martigues, a big refinery port near Marseille, and also an ancient city with charming canals and my everyday access to the Mediterranee.  

Very soon I longed to be back in the US ,and so I did, where… I just happened to meet Gregg Wilson and… we got married , moved to Marfa , where I worked with hot glass and jewelry and we are back in Austin, still working with hot glass and my strong desire to share all I know about traveling in France and specially the wonderful area of Provence that is my second home.

provence tours lily

My glass work

private provence tours

Gregg & Lily Santa Fe forest

7 thoughts on “About Lily

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  2. Hi Lily, I had not read your about page yet, so many places you have lived, travelled, so many activitites and crafts you have practiced, simply gobsmacking! I wanted to ask you a service, I know you have visited my blog and have commented before. I am looking for some views and comments on an assignment for a freelance journalism course I am doing. It is about writing a travel feature, and since it is about Ardeche and the South of France you came to mind as an obvious choice. Here is the piece http://wp.me/p3B8xy-ng Of course hoping you will wish to and will find some time. All the best. Laura

    • Hello Laura,
      Yes I guess I am what is called a Renaissance woman and I did not write about everything… got to keep some mystery. I have read your article and be happy to talk about it if you have Skype, it would be great, let me know.
      Oh, by the way, Vallon Pont D’Arc is where I did my first “vendanges” and my mother’s family is from the Ardeche up in the mountains where the river starts…. let’s talk

      • Hi Lilly, always good to keep some secrets,. Quite tricky for me to find the time to Skype, with my son around and being at work. I have reworked the piece quite significantly, if you have the time to read it, I’d love to know want you think. I’ll look for you on Skype, is it lily Wilson? Laura

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