Driving in Marseille.

Today we are going to Marseille in 2013 European Capital of Culture.

Exciting city with a very diverse population of different refugees from countries all around the Mediterrenean.

A little bit of history about Marseille

1,6 million people living together in and around Massalia founded by greeks 2600 years ago.
The city has always been a crossroad for all kind of minorities. In the 18th century half of its population was not from Marseille but from Italy (Genoa and Piedmont), Spain (Catalogna) and Greece. Russians in 1917, Armenians in 1915 and 1923, Spanish in 1936, Algerians and Tunisians between the two wars, Pieds noirs in 1962 (french persons living in Algeria), Africans (Comorians 50,000 in 1999).
Marseille is a vibrant city looking towards the sea, a rebel that became part of France only in the 15th century. A city
where the great architect Le Corbusier chose to do its experiment of communal living and where today you can find a modern art museum Le MOMA  on top of that same building.

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Private Provence Tours. Marseille Port

Marseille Port

Private Provence Tours. Marseille Port

Marseille Port

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