Famous French Desserts, easy flan recipe.

Going through my videos on my YouTube channel, my mouth started watering when I watched the flan recipe.

It was a dessert my grandmother used to make and the fact that the eggs and milk were from her farm, certainly made it even better.There will be another post about the farm in the southwest of France, with videos of course, so stay tuned.

Try it, it’s very easy to make, refreshing summer dessert. You can add raspberries or strawberries on top or even a bit of shaved chocolate, mmmmm.

Private Provence Tours when you are more than a tourist…

Private Provence Tours with Lily

When you come on one of my Private Provence Tours you get the chance to experience how living in the south of France really feels like and the opportunity to be more than a simple tourist and meet with french people. Taste the sweetness of life in the south of France and make friends…

French markets. Aix en Provence

French markets. Aix en Provence

I have a large network of friends in Provence so if you are interested in beekeeping, organic farming, wine making, retail, real estate, food, art and antiques, music, french markets, history… I will find people you can visit and communicate with.

It is also my goal is to provide you with the best lodging in the heart of Provence, not another one of the cookie cutter type of hotel but a real house with a real kitchen in case you are inspired by the beautiful french markets of Provence.  

Provence lodging

Lodging with Private Provence Tours


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