Travel Tips to Provence

You have been in the plane for about 9 hours when you come from Texas and finally you are there…France
But first you have to navigate the big Paris airport and get your luggage if you are staying for a bit in the city,
as for myself I prefer heading directly to Marseille by taking another plane and to make it easier I travel on Air France so I don’t have to worry about my luggage.

I don’t know about you yet but for me I hate being under stress when I travel so my goal is that you spend the most wonderful relaxing time in France.

I am the best friend meeting you at the airport with a car and I know where to go and what is the best road to get there .You see my point is that I want you to experience France the way I do when I come visit my friends and family, I can relax, they got my back…

There is plenty of good and strong coffee to drink while you wait for your next plane. If you arrive in Paris in the morning, you will be in Marseille airport by lunch time, you could have it on the Port in Marseille or at the terrace of an old cafe on the Cours Mirabeau in Aix en Provence.

The main thing for you to remember is …

Relax and enjoy  and you can because …Private Provence Tours with Lily does the work for you and I personally come to pick you up at the airport of your choice, or the train station if you choose to come by TGV, the fast train you can catch directly from the airport and get from Paris to Marseille in 3h20mn.

We will discuss before the best travel arrangements for your particular needs, I have done many times the trip and I can easily give you the pros and cons of different routes and ways of getting there. First of all it is your choice, needs and desires that counts and of course it goes for the rest of the time you spend with me.

Private Provence Tours

Private Provence Tours with Lily
432 207 0959

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